Some Questions For People Sailing Around The World Now.

By Get Mike Sailing Thursday, 24 May 2018
Some Questions ?....

How can I get income to keep me going around the world? I have a few ideas so far can you add to them?

  1. Sell goods small items that sailors will need
  2. Patroons
  3. AdWords on blog and youtube
  4. Work on boats repairs etc
  5. Local farm and bar work or any work, stay for s week or so at each place.
  6. Ask for free food
  7. Teaching english to locals
  8. Have mates  got any ideas?
  9. Write to sponsors
  10. Charter my boat out
  11. Websites design as I done loads of them.
  12. Blog writer for me and others
  13. Get followers to fly over and spend time on the boat for a small fee

I think I would need about £600 as a minimum a month as the Yacht will have been bought for cash for about £20k when I get there.

If you have any ideas please let me know, I am more than happy to do everything myself to raise the money and do all the work.

Thank You.
Mike x

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Mike O'Keefe

Mike is planning to sail around the world and take others like him on the trip, I also want to do my bit about plastics in our oceans.

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