Video From My Visit.

By Get Mike Sailing Monday, 21 May 2018
My Day Out.

Well on my visit to the marina I had loads of time to wonder around and look at the yachts that were there so I took this video to remind me of where I want to be as soon as possible I wish to have my own yacht and go sailing around the world it's a dream at the moment but dreams can only come true when you do have a dream!

I met some lovely guys who were working on their yachts and they gave me more advice on what to do and also I went to the sales yard and looked at around at about 40 yachts many out of my price range but again it can be a dream one day, there were so many to choose from but it was good to have an idea on what I will be able to afford and what is out of my range.

I can see one day That sailing is going to be my life day and night and my lifestyle and I really hope it will be it's been a dream for many years and now I'm trying to make this dream come true for the next 20 years or more.

Until the day comes when I am on a yacht I got a lot of learning to do and many videos to watch! There are so many people to follow on YouTube that are living the dream and this is giving me inspiration to give my life that Dream so thank you guys to all who are putting out these videos of you around the world on a little budget and with little experience but by the end of it it looks like you are propper qualified sailor's.


Mike O'Keefe

Mike is planning to sail around the world and take others like him on the trip, I also want to do my bit about plastics in our oceans.

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