Plastics In Our Seas, We Must Stop It !

By Get Mike Sailing Sunday, 10 June 2018

We Need To Stop The Plastics In Our Seas !

We all know about the Plastics in our oceans that is on the news lately, it is a disgrace that humans are doing this to our seas and oceans and to our sea creatures, I hope that when I do get sailing I will be able to do some more research in the parts of the world that I'll be traveling in to make a difference, we cannot go on letting Plastics into our seas and oceans and the more that's reported from all parts of the world I'm sure something will be done about it.

if there are any organisations out there that could help me to help them and please get in contact with me and I'll be more than happy to help when I get going. I will be writing to organisations and groups about offering my services when I do get going so that they will have another contact with the sea directly and feedback coming back real time.

everyone can make a difference to this problem we have with plastics and all us sailors can report back to the nation on the situation that is flooding the seas with these awful plastics,

If I could save one sea creature from being wrapped up in plastic then I would have done my bit but I hope the save many other ocean creatures from what man has made and dumped in their home !!

Mike O'Keefe

Mike is planning to sail around the world and take others like him on the trip, I also want to do my bit about plastics in our oceans.