The Plan To Get Me Sailing

By Get Mike Sailing Sunday, 2 December 2018
The Plan…


Find a sponsor to make this plan happen and then...

  1. Do an intensive sailing course
  2. Buy a sail yacht which will have to be one from the 90’s
  3. Look for others to join me
  4. Plan a funding sauce to keep us going
  5. Sail away to the distance shores
  6. Research plastics in our seas
  7. Help others to do what we are doing.
  8. Youtube it on a weekly basis to keep everyone updated
  9. Do work when we can to pay our way.

The Rough Guide To Costs.

Cost of the boat I would think, looking at what is available is an 1990’s 36 footer at 50k

Then to upgrade her a little and make more safety features I think about 10k

To keep us going or as a backup I think about 30k

While we are on the go we will have cost like, insurance, food, water, visas, entry fees, repairs, video tech,

So we are looking at about 90k to get going and then try to raise money to pay it back and help others.

I have 10k saved so as you can see I got of work to do!!

About me.

For many years I have always wanted to sail around the world in a small boat but was never in a position to earn that sort of money, After losing my brother two years ago after a long illness I realize that life is too short and that I need to make things happen, so i paid off all my bills and started to save, now that I have no debts and little outgoings I have been saving for the last two years to try and make it happen, I don't earn much but have saved 10k so far so that's good but at this rate it will be many years before I get to where I need to be.

I want to spend about 50k on the yacht and about 30k to pay for expenses along the way, but I also want to work while I sail as to keep going as long as I can.

I wish to offer others to join me on this journey that are in the same position as me and that's poor but have a big dream. So it will help many others. Also I wish to document this on youtube every week as we go as to show everyone how we are getting on.

If I were rich I would help others as I feel I need very little to be happy and that health and happiness is more important than money.

Maybe someone has a yacht they do not use and could lend it to me for 5 years or so, but me putting my message out there might just find that one person who can change my life and others to.

The plan is to travel to many places and also do research on plastic in our seas, the more remote the places are the better we can monitor the plastics.

I am a decent, Honest hardworking and reliable gentleman who has a GSOH and will help anyone when I can, and I am sure when someone helps me I will one day pay it back by helping many others, I have worked all my life and have many skills to my bow. I just need that break to get things going.

Any help is much appreciated and you will be part of this dream of mine!



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Mike O'Keefe

Mike is planning to sail around the world and take others like him on the trip, I also want to do my bit about plastics in our oceans.

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